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30 plates still


Taste is sweet, reminds of butterscotch

Proof 193

30 plates still

30 plates still column.jpeg
30 plates still.jpeg
termometro column 30 plates.jpeg
vodka wash.jpeg

Fill the still with the wash (tails from the whiskey run)

Make sure is at 70proof, add water if necessary

Obviously all plates are engaged

Turn on the steam and get the way to boil, you want it to boil high, ideally up until the first plate.

Now the plates are filling up, and air is pushing out, you can feel it out of the exhaust pipe.

Once the air is all pushed out, the first vapors are coming out (toxic) (half hour in) and the heads start to pour (1 hour in).

At this point turn off the heat almost completely, start the dephlagmator, and let rest for one hour, during this time the plates settle with alcohol and vapors.

after the hour turn up the heat a little, make sure the dephlagmator is on, keep an eye on the condenser, you want the temperature on top to reach between 140F and 150F

Monitor for the cut to hearts, you should get about one bucket of heads

Hearts: 96 ABV

Goes on a few hours and makes about 70 liters of hearts


Look for harshness in the back when tasting, the wash becomes syrupy looking

Turn the temperature high for 30 minutes fill all the plates

Then turn it down to a lower temperature to separate fusel oils, the spirit will circulate through the plates and the fusel oils and butanol will settle in the middle plates, so you have about the top 12 plates full of ethanol this process lasts one hour

Then turn up the temperature to push the alcohol through

during distillation keep an eye on the dephlagmator temperature, you want it at 350 (thing in the middle)

Will make about 70 liters

At 30 minutes into the hearts the proof is 191

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