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5 liters grape spirit

140g bitter orange peels

40g spanish orange peels

70g lemon peels

10g cardamom

100g juniper berries

40g chamomile

Yeld: 3.1 liters

Infuse 1g of pontica per liter for 1 hour

2 bottles of Ridge White

20g gentian

10g chinchona

10g rhubarb

5g cardamom

bring to boil then simmer for 30min

Yeald: 1 liter of spiced wine

Add 200g caramel

Yeald: a little over a liter

Blend: 3 wine to 1 distillate

NOTE: to try with nutmeg, more orange, less juniper in the distillation

vanilla in the cook, more caramel (250g)

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