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(Scottish way)

8 hours

Before alcohol evaporates, more volatiles foreshots go through the Lyne pipe, they are light compounds like ethyl acetate and volatile

The foreshots run for about 20 minutes

To determine when to start the heart collection the spirit has to go into boxes with swimming instruments to be tested (Alcohol content measurements?)

Foreshots are poured back into the still where their pungent aroma is transformed into enjoyable aromatic flavors by the catalytic reaction with the copper of the spirit still

The spirit shouldn't be heated too much or fusel oils can pass the Lyne arm and make it through

Middle cut takes three hours

Alcohol content falls from 75% to 60%

After 60% the distillation continues and fusel oils come out as temperature is raised, but instead of being collected they are poured back into the still where they are also catalytically transformed by the copper

Distillation of the feints (fusel oils) takes a while and is over when alcohol content goes below 1%

The liquid remaining in the still is called spent lees

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