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_Pour the water into the tank at 185/190

_Run the corn for 6 minutes (40 pounds per minute)

And then run the rye, the corn cooks at higher temperatures

We transfer the mash to the fermenter at 86 degrees.

Fermentation will bring it up to over 100

Fermentation lasts 5 days.

During fermentation temperature goes up.

96 at the fourth day.

90 at the fifth day, at this point the mash is ready to be distilled

Mash measure: 17 sugar/5.6 PH

(19 when really good)

mashing tank.jpeg

The mash goes through a machine that grinds it more because this step allows the extraction of more sugar


Only 1 distillation in the plates still, 3 plates open, 3 plates closed (handle down, plate is closed)

Start the ceiling fan (remote control)


Pour mash in

Turn on the furnace

Rotors at 40

9:00 HEADS

Dripping starts


COLUMN     108


H2O OUT      81

When the dripping starts turn down the steam, as it starts flowing turn it down more, temperature should be around 160, turn down the steam (the 3 handles at 6 o'clock)

Turn on the dephlagmator

_collect about 12 liters (about 1 hour), 80ABV

_The taste is sweet, chemical, then it becomes dry, when you get close to the hearts the dryness and chemicality fades, then you get another peak of dryness, and then after that you are into the hearts.

When tasting to cut the rye, consider that the rye is drier and spicier then corn.

When to make the cut: wait until the dryness goes away, the taste becomes sweeter, then you have another peak of dryness, then, right after that, you are in the hearts



Turn up the steam a little

If at this point the pot still is just under 200 is gonna be a good yeald

POT STILL almost 200

COLUMN              180

LYNE ARM           179

H2O OUT              132



POT STILL just over 200

COLUMN                 183

LYNE ARM              183

H2O OUT                 132

_when in the middle of the hearts the taste is sweet and smooth and you can taste that spiciness typical of rye.

Also through the duration of the hearts it will go from sweet and spicy to a little dry to sweet again, rye does that.

Open the plates one by one as you approach the tails



collect 120 liters of hearts

About 2 hours

Turn up the dephlagmator a little to catch some more of the alcohol and increase the proof



POT STILL    205

COLUMN      194

LYNE ARM   196

H2O OUT      133

The spiciness fades away and the spirit becomes bland

Turn up the steam

Turn off the dephlagmator

Open all plates

Connect the container collecting the tails

Keep collecting tails until proof drops to 56

cut down the hearts with water to barreling proof

When ready to cool down, turn off ceiling fan (remote control) and turn on the exhaust fan (last switch on the left)

77% yeald

Got 129 liters at 134proof


The rye is aged in new barrels from John for 2.5 years, then is transferred into the Barolo barrel solera style


poured 4 barrel of 2.5 years old rye into the Barolo barrel (pour it into a big metal container first then hose it down into the barrel)

is now a third full

barolo barrel.jpeg
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