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Starting with wine in the pot still (wash), fill up the pot up to 3/4

Heat up the wash looking to mantain a temperature in the pot between 175F and 195F for as long as possible.

as a rule of thumb, 10% of the wash will be hearts, and 10% of the hearts will be heads


FORESHOTS, 7.5ml per 1.5L of wine

HEADS, 30ml per 1.5L of wine

HEARTS, 300ml per 1.5L of wine

FORESHOTS (the bad stuff, throw it away):

_Collect up to 175F (80 C) vapor temperature

_Collect at least 4 oz per 5 gallons

_Discard it, it contains methanol and other poisons

HEADS (collect for blending):

_Collect from 176F (80 C) to 196F (91 C)

_Usually 80%ABV (160proof)

_Can be re distilled later

_Taste and smell is volatile, chemical

HEARTS (the best stuff, collect and save)

_From 196F (91 C) to 203F (95 C)

_Start around 80%ABV (160proof) to about 65%ABV (130proof) or personal preference

_Taste is heavier, good, more like food

TAILS (collect for re distilling):

_From 203F (95 C) to 208F (98 C)

_Collect until taste and smell prove little to no alcohol

- the Scots make their heart cut at 61 

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