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_50% grape spirit/50%grain base spirit

90g anise

30g star anise

3g Umami lime

15g coriander

COLORATION per liter

proof: 140

1.7g melissa



Pastis became popular in France in the 1930s, that is about 20 years after absinthe became illegal, seems like people were missing the anise flavored drink as Pastis flavor profile reminds of that of absinthe, with the difference that there's not wormwood and there is licorice, also, in Pastis is common to use star anise (an asian spice) whereas absinthe is made with green anise (a Mediterranean spice)

Pastis is considered a liqueur as sugar is added (about 100g per liter)

Pastis is generally bottled at 40%, 45% Pastis de Marseille

Pastis is drank in the late afternoon as aperitif

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