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Headbutt in english

Genever and Belgian beer


The fancy one, historically enjoyed by Dutch aristocrats


Historical Dutch drink in which the genever is traditionally served in a tulip glass




Empire Rye and 80 Philling


UK style, this is the original


Originated in England in the 1800s, some say is was the to go afterwork drink of the locomotive builders, some say it was the drink of choice of Richard Trevithick, an early experimenter of the steam propelled vehicles.

Either way, is a very popular drink in the UK.

Here we pair Empire Rye, a rye whiskey made about an hour away from the brewery, with 80 Philling, a Scottish style Ale 




Fernet and stout


Deep, rich, bitter and powerful, may the force be with you




Amer or Seville orange and wheatbeer


Fruity, easy, refreshing, anyone in the mood for a fruit salad?

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