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Prepare press with tray underneath connected to the fermenter

Place it under the stem remover and position the tappet mobile and vibrating table

Place bin to collect the stems

Activate stem remover

Unload the grapes onto the vibrating table and, as they make their way to the tappet mobile check for leaves and impurities

Pour 1.8 tons of grapes into the press (2 1/4 bins)

Activate press, it will take 2 hours to press the 2 tons.

Clean off sugar from surfaces to avoid stickiness and bees

Prepare yeast and pour it in

Once the press is done disconnect the hose and walk it down, then apply a cap to the top.

Place the bin for skins collection

Open the bottom of the press, let the skins come out, then turn it a little, open again to let the skins out, repeat this process until all the skins are unloaded, then collect them into the bin to make grappa

Clean up


check bin for stems collection, don't let it overflow

Pour the juice that accumulates on under the vibrating table into the press (leave some for the end as it helps clean up the press)

keep an eye inside the press, make sure it doesn't get too full, if necessary push down the solids

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