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dry grains to a moisture content below 14%

and store them for six weeks to avoid seed dormancy


move the grains in and out of the water for 3 days, 12 hours in and 12 hours out. This will start the sprout 

The grain will foam

Turn off water pump

turn off air pump

get out thermostat and thermometer

pull up a little

spray down the foam and flatten the grain

drain the water inside by detaching the hoses

run water through the system to clean it with the hoses attached and draining into the drain

Long hose attached to the pump

attach the short hose to the pipe on the wall, clean it from there then leave both valves open

pull up and place on the woods

connect the hot air and place the thermostat on top

run hot air though it for 12 hours

MOISTURE TEST: the tank where we germinate it, on the first day has to be at 30%.

We toast it until it goes down to 5% (about 30 to 40 hours)


by immerging it into the water it absorbed moisture, when it gets to 46% lay it on the floor and turn it around 3 times a day for 4 days

The roots start to come out, the temperature in the grain rises, you don't want it to rise too much, you wanna keep it at around 70, don't let It rise above 74, that's done by keeping turning it, this airs it, and cools it down

When turning it make sure you keep it at about 4 inches tall and flat, uniform

foamy barley.jpeg
valve barley.jpeg
hose barley.jpeg
sprouted grain.jpeg


at this point the germination is stopped by drying the grain

Put the grain in the oven and dry it, then smoke it by turning on a fire underneath that will smoke the grains through a perforated floor, orange peels are added into the fire to add flavor [check and update this process with the right nomenclature]

These steps in which germination is started and then stopped is called malting.

Malting develops two kinds of enzymes

"amylase" which breaks down the starches into sugar

"proteases" which break down the proteins in the grain into forms that can be used by yeast


Toast the grain until moisture gets down to 3%

This is the moment where you can add smoke and orange peels smoke flavors


with the germination roots started to grow on the grain and they have to be taken off along with the shells.

To do that let the grain age for one month so the shells separate from the inside, then mill it

The malted barley is now ready to be brewed [check and update]

after 2 days: 45% water, 55% starch

In water to moist, out to grow

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