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Hair of the Bulldog

Beer infusion

3 bottles London Pride

2oz gentiane

1/2 oz coriander seeds

1 oz juniper berries

1 oz chamomile

1/8 0z cardamoms out of the shell

3 cloves

1 oz blood orange tea

1/4 oz chinchona bark

1 vanilla pod

2 cinnamon sticks

dried orange peel of 3 oranges

dried orange peel of 3 lemons

Boiled for a few minutes then simmer it for 45 minutes.
It came out awesome


1 to 1 demerara and old engine

Whiskey infusion

750 ml Rittenhouse

250g dried sour cherries

peel of: 3 oranges

          1 lemon

          2 limes

infused for 9 days


2 whiskey infusion

2 beer infusion

1 caramel

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