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STILL: 450 liters

WASH: 350 liters

HEADS: 4 liters

HEARTS: 15 liters at 157 proof

GRAPE VARIETY: Seyval blanc

This grape variety is an hybrid of Sauvignon blanc, is typical of Upstate New York

has a high acidity which makes it very good for grappa and brandy production

is harvested early in the season

Collect the skins of the grapes, or vinaccia, after pressing the grapes and place them in bins

Let rest for 4 or 5 days so they collect the flavors of the environment

Skim off the first layer of skins which served as a protection

add 50 pounds of sugar, push it down with water, use about 30 gallons of it (5min of continuous pour with the hose)

pour the yeast in

YEAST: pour 7 liters of warm water (100F) and mix it with a pack of yeast, stir

wait 15min and add 3 liters of juice from the pressed grapes

wait until the culture starts, the bucket will fill up with foam, about 20min

Pour it into the bin


After 2 weeks the fermentation should be done

Skim off the top part of the skins (about five inches) which is dry, ugly and dark in color, until you get to the juicy part, those skins should be nice and green and soaked in liquid.

Now put that into the still, using a pump if it makes it or pumping the liquid and pour the solids manually, as you hose in the liquid in, spray the solids to get the sugar out


_Turn on furnace

_Rotors on

_Wash goes in

_Close door and the valve on top

_Turn on big valve to bring to temperature

_Condenser on

_3 plates in

_Once on temperature close big valve and open small one gradually

_Watch temperature, it will go from 90something to about 100 Celsius

_Close more plates towards the end

_Yeald: 2.5 gallons

_At 91% ABV

_Turn on vent on the ceiling

_Open window

_Open still to cool down

_Dump spent lees


heads smell chemical and taste volatile at first, for the first couple of liters, then it goes to a stage of bitterness, for a liter or so, then it becomes nice and fruity and we are I the hearts


Cut tails at 160

Hearts yield: 1.33 gallons


Hearts yeald: 2 gallons

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