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Francesco's drinks

The Lost Borough

The Lost Borough is a cocktail dedicated to the legendary 6th Borough of New York.

According to the legend, narrated in detail by Jonathan Safran Foer, New York City had once a 6th Borough, which, over the years, got detached from the rest of the city and floaded away.

Here is the legend:

1 1/2 Woodford Reserve double oaked

1 1/2 homemade beer vermouth

3 dashes homemade citrus bitters

Garnish with a stout caramel coated cherry



1 1/2 White rum

3/4 Dark rum

1/2 Overproof rum

3/4 Falernum

1/2 Orgeat

1/2 Vanilla syrup

2 Passion fruit puree

2 1/2 Gin

1/2 dry vermouth

1/2 maraschino

1 slice cucumber

1/2 lemon

1/8 oyster water

1 dash tabasco

Fog on the Thames  is the martini of the villain!

For once a drink dedicated to the antihero.

Born on the banks of the river Thames, hidden in the London fog.

A drink that is dirty and sophisticated at the same time.

Fog on the Thames

The Last King of Scotland

2 oz scotch

1/2 oz demerara sugar

4 kumquats

a piece of ginger


serve with some pickled ginger and a fortune cookie

2 oz Elijah Craig

1 oz sweet vermouth

1/4 oz spiced red wine reduction

Dedicated to Peter Pan and his joyful way of life! May this drink transport you for a while on an incontaminated beach on an island far away! Maybe Neverland!

Like Idi Amin in the movie was African on the outside and Scottish on the inside here is a drink that is Chinese on the outside and Scottish on the inside

Burn some spices as cinnamon, vanilla, anise, cloves, dried orange peels. Cover them with a nick and nora coupe, let the glass absorb the spiced smoke while you stir the ingredients of the cocktail together in a mixing glass. Then turn the coupe and pour the cocktail in it

The Smoking Reverend follows the steps of  the Smoking Bishop, the Smoking Archbishop and the Smoking Pope, a line of mulled wine drinks, it has in fact a hint of the typical spicy and winey taste of the mulled wine, given by the spiced wine reduction, but remains a strong and alcohol forward drink, and the whiskey we use is Elijah Craig, which is named after Elijah Craig the reverend, who is said to have first started distilling whiskey in Kentucky, hence the name.

The Smoking Reverend

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