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low wines

Pour wash in: 550 gallons at 16 proof

Bring temperature up, distillation will start as it reaches 190

Wash creates CO2, check the level in the air, don't let it go over 1200 (use fans, open windows etc.)

No heads to be discarded for low wines but check the first liter or two just to make sure

Check temperature in the condenser

60 going in and no more than 150 coming out

We will achieve about 183 gallons at 56 proof


Classic still with direct flame as single malts lighter, there's less solids compared to corn

No dephlagmator, the lyne arm is higher for more contact with cool air

The thermometer on the still above the oblo measures the temperature of the vapor, which is close to the temperature of the wash, just a little bit colder

classic still lunga.jpeg
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