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5 hours run

550 gallons of mash

Starting temperature 180

Finishing temperature 208

350 liter low wines at 60-70proof

6 plates still.jpeg


Pour wash into the still

Turn on steam on the still at pressure 10

Turn on rotor at 40

Leave all plates open

Add cool water to the condenser if needed, check thermometer.

(Steve has a system in which he cools the water overnight and store it in a container to save energy)

at around 180 distillation starts

The first alcohol coming out is cleaning the pipes from previous distillations (about 1 or 2 liters of it)

throw it out then start collecting low wines

After about half hour of drops, the alcohol starts flowing

Keep raising the temperature very slowly, so you get all the alcohols at the different boiling points.

It will get to 208 by the end of the run, which will last about 5 hours and half

thermometer pot still3.jpeg

cut the distillation when proof gets down to 30

Made 350 liters of low wines


There's a lot of solids in corn wash

ANY LOW WINES: 8 hours distillation, 100 gallons low wines, cut the distillation at 40proof

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