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BOTANICALS per liter

4g mace

10g nutmeg

50g wintergreen

5g peppermint

1g myrrh

BITTERING per liter infuse for 2 weeks

7g gentiane

4g rhubarb

2g chinchona

14 liters of starting infused spirit

3 liters of final product at about 160proof

Cut to 140proof with about 400ml of water

Bitter it

Cut down to bottling proof, keep in mind that the sugar will bring down the proof (5% of volume will bring down the proof to 10 less)

So we want to bottle it at 92proof, so we add water until we get to 102proof

Bottling proof 92

Fernet was invented in Milan in 1845, by Bernardino Branca, Bernardino was Piedmontese and got the recipe from a Swedish doctor, Doctor Fernet.

Is made with selected herbs and spices, gentian and mint being the main ones

It's particularity is that is extremely bitter and herbal, more than any other amaros

Typically and originally drank as a digestif, but there are two other way of drinking it that became very popular, in Argentina, the biggest consumer of Fernet in the world, is mixed with coke, and in the States, it became the bartender drink and is consumed as a shot

Our Fernet here, is a little different than the other Fernet in the market, it still has its typical bitterness and mintiness, its still spicy and rich, however the flavors are showcased more elegantly thanks to the pot distillation through which they are extracted

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