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1000 pounds of grains

375 gallons of water

575 gallons of water after sparging

1 pound of yeast

400ml of salt (almost a pound)

Start heating up the water (to 150)

Connect the steam and heat up the Lauder tank to 180 (temperature on the screen)


Pour a little water in the tank from the bottom

Turn on rotors

Turn valve to pour water from above together with the grains

add 400ml (almost a pound) of salt

Pour grains and water together (blue valve for the grains and black button for the water)

Get temperature to 140, this will activate the enzymes (get the water to 150 as it will go down when mixed with the grains)

We are starting at 140 and we wanna bring the temperature up to 160 because some enzymes work better at higher temperatures

Check thickness (adjust with water in case)

cook at 140 for 15min, then raise temperature and cook for another 15min then sparge

Pulisci le pale con acqua

Turn the pump backwards to empty the pipe, disconnect the pipe and connect it to the very top

Turn on the steam to bring up the temperature of the water to 160

Make sure there's enough pressure so the water doesn't go down to the furnace

Turn off the rotors so the shells settle at the bottom and form a filter

{so we have water at the very bottom, then the shells resting on a perforated floor, and on top the enzymes and starch}

wait 10 minutes for the grain to settle

attach small tank to the side and let some water flow in there until leveled

Take a brick measure (should be around 18)

connect the hose to the cooling tank and start transferring

Start the cooler, activate the rotors

check the bricks on the wort

When water starts going down and grains are exposed start sparging (water comes from the tank downstairs and is at about 160)

on a batch we want a total of about 19 barrels of water between the wort and the water used for sparging, normally 11 barrels for cooking and 8 barrels for sparging

When temperature goes below 95F pitch the yeast

Transfer to fermenter (fir tanks)

Check for leaks in the fir tanks first, and steam it

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